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[ i dont remember if i applied to this one or not,but if i did, let me know and i will delete the entry.]

The form.
x. Name:brenda
x. Age:15
x. Gender:female
x. Location [State, city, and a brief description of what it is like where you live.]:Lynn,MA. My neighborhood is very quite, theres mostly all seniors around, but theres a few familys around here with little kids..

x. Education level:Freshman at LVTI
x. Sports / Extra curricular activities:I was in scouts for a little while, but im not anymore.
x. Two Favorite books.
1.prozac nation
2.never fade away
x. Two Favorite movies.
1.cruel intentions
x. Two Favorite places.
x. Two Issues you feel strongly about and why.
1.Music because, for me, it is a way of life.
2.Gay marrige, because i think people should be able to do whatever they want when they are in love, no matter what sex you are.
x. Two Important people in your life and why.
1.My grandmother, because she helps me thru all of my problems..
2.Cyrena, because she also helps me thru all of my problems, and shes a great friend.

x. Views on religion?:My views on religion are simple,everyone has atleast one person to worship/praise..But religion is an issue with me right now..
x. Views on cliques?:Pretty good when you have the right people.
x. Views on same sex marriage?:With, because it shouldnt matter what sex you are, as long as your in love.
x. Views on abortion?:You shouldnt murder your own baby, but then again, if you dont want it, or dont know who the father of the baby is, then its ok..i guess..i dont know.
x. Views on sex without love?:Against.
x. Views on drugs/drinking/smoking?:For some people, they are good because they make the person feel better, if you do them once in a while, its ok..
x. Views on death?:Its natural,because your most likely going to a better place.

x. Can you tell us what makes you cool or why you're different then everybody else? [100-200 words, please]. :I consider my self different from everyone else because i like alot of things that normal people are not interested in. I listen to alot of music that most people are into, which is good because i dont expect them to listen to it either, because they are naive. I have alot of different beliefs than anyone else around,and i find it interesting how people can critisize someone or something that they dont know/learn about. I also have unique way of doing my makeup, or for where i live at least, in my neighborhood, everyone is old,and have no lives, but theres totally different people in my house, especially me.
x. Tell us who you are. [100-200 words, please]. :My name is Brenda, i am 15 years old. I live in Lynn,MA, in a very quiet neighborhood. I was born and raised here. I have alot of interests in music,makeup,style,photography, and poetry. I take pictures of basically anything and everything, and edit them to look amazing. I write poetry on whats on my mind. It usually depends on the mood im in at the moment. I also like to play around with my make up styles, i look at communties and join for new idea, then work on some new ones myself. I try to keep them unique,so i can have something to be accomplished about.
x. Four Best Qualities.
1.I am a good listener, if someone comes to me with a problem,i try to talk with them and help them work thru their situation.
2.I am a good friend. Alot of my friends trust me with the world and i would never let that down. If someone left $500.00 on their desk, i would make sure it stays there, and make sure no one touches it.
3.My eyes pop out when i use certain colors. They change from blue to gray, its odd.
4.My smile. Everyone says that i have a beautiful smile, i dont think so, but thats what everyone says.
x. Four Worst Qualities.
1.My weight. I unfortuantly inherited all of my familys weight problems..I loose weight, then gain,then loose more, then gain.Its horrible.
2.My laugh. If there were one thing i wish i could change was my laugh. I HATE the way i laugh with a passion.
3.My voice. I sound really gurly when i talk, i wish i had a lower voice,like a few of my friends have..
4.My eyebrows, i shaved them off and they look horrible with they grow back,so i have to keep shaving them off to make it look good when i draw them on..
x. Two Things you would want to change about yourself.
1.My weight problems[listed above]
2.My voice & eyes.
x. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?:Hopefully graduated and in college.
x. " " Ten years?:In a successful trade,hopefully working in the makeup industrie.

x. What makes you a perfect shadow?:I enjoy makeup, i like making new creations and looking at ideas other people have. Its just interesting to know other people actually like the same stuff as I do.
x. Include any pictures, poems, song lyrics. interests -- anything you can think of to win us over.

Lyrics -

im here to wear you out
im here to watch you hide
nothing to figure out
im here to watch you die.
running away from the breast of
your busy giant healing machine.

[if you'd like a picture,just ask ]
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