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x. Name: KiMmI
x. Age: 19
x. Gender: chicA
x. Location [State, city, and a brief description of what it is like where you live.]: PeteRsbUrg, WV ... smAll sHiT hOLe TowN ... SuX

x. Education level: 3 semesters of college DONE
x. Sports / Extra curricular activities: suRE

x. Two Favorite books.
1. WhEreVer yOU gO tHEre You aRe
2. TaoIsM

x. Two Favorite movies.
1. 10 tHinGs I haTE aBouT yOU
2. ScArfaCE

x. Two Favorite places.
2. mY hAppY pLacE LoL

x. Two Issues you feel strongly about and why.
1. RapE .. b/C i KnoW
2. PeRsonAL gRowTh ... doNt knOW iF iTs aN issue BuT iTS iMpoRtaNT

x. Two Important people in your life and why.
1. mY siSSy~fRiENd ... wOUldNt b aBLe tO sURviVe wiThOut HER
2. YOU ... B/c If yOU r ReAdinG tHiS tHan yOU r pRoLLy a FriENd anD thAT meaNS a LOT rIghT noW

ThErEs oTheRs bUt weLL shIt haPpENs LoL

x. Views on religion?: Eh. well i believe that you believe. however i do not believe WHAT you believe. i used to but the more and more i read the bible ( you know the WORD of GOD ) and other books about religion ( chrisianity ) the more i started to contradict things that i was taught in church. i wouldnt say that i believe in the DEVIL b/c in order for me to do that i would have to believe in GOD as well. People believe in GOD to explain things that they dont make sense to them. Like HOW we got here and WHERE we will go when we die, etc etc. but i could go on and on about this so i will just say for all those who believe in GOD when HE comes back ( it says HE is in the BIBLE ) than HE is going to be REAL pissed off and YOU ...

x. Views on cliques?: StUpId anD mAde UP anD StUPid aND nOT nEEDed

x. Views on same sex marriage?: WhaTEvEr fLoAts yOUr bOaT

x. Views on abortion?: i pERsoNally wOUld NOT bUT sOmE r pUT iN siTuaTiONs wHeRe thEY NEED/HAVE tO ... sTiLL itS wRonG BuT stiLL ...

x. Views on sex without love?: lETs nOT gET stArTed On THAT ... SEX iS heaLTHY

x. Views on drugs/drinking/smoking?: Im StiLL woRKinG oN thIS onE

x. Views on death?: iTS a paRT oF LifE ... iM nOt aFRaid oF dYinG iTS thE thOUghT of BEing DEAD thAT scARes tHe SHIT OUtta Me

x. Can you tell us what makes you cool or why you're different then everybody else? [100-200 words, please]. : i ThiNK thATs a StuPId thING tO dO ... I AM ME!!! thAtS wHaT mAKes ME cooL/difFeRENt ... I MeaN c'MoN NOW ... I dONt HaVe 2 xPLain b/C thEY wOUld jUSt b woRdS yOUd haVE tO seE iT ... cAtCh mY drIFT?! LoL

x. Tell us who you are. [100-200 words, please]. : GuEss ... LoL! noBOdy REALLY KNoWS who tHEy ARE pER sAY yOU aRE aLWayS chAnGIn ... BeCOminG a NEW yOU ...

x. Four Best Qualities. ---teLL mE iF iM clOSe @ aLL ...
1. HoNesT ( somETImes tOO muCh )
2. Open-minded
3. loYaL
4. caRE-FrEE / FrEE spiRIteD

x. Four Worst Qualities.
1. I TruSt TOO eaSILy
2. LaZY
3. DeFEnsiVE
4. PrOcRastiNAtor

x. Two Things you would want to change about yourself.
1. EvERyThiNG
2. nOThiNg

x. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: BaCK paCKIng crOSS EuRopE

x. " " Ten years?: hMmMm ... HAPPY!

x. What makes you a perfect shadow?: I aM whAT i AM aND tHAt cAN bE soMEtiMES TOO muCH foR oTHers sO i FeeL caST aSIde LiKE a SHadow ... likE thEY thINK i AM tOo coMPLex tO bE unDERstOOD sO thEY doNT eVen TAke ThE tiMe

x. Include any pictures, poems, song lyrics. interests -- anything you can think of to win us over. --- wIn WHO OVER

~*an age is called Dark, not beacause the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it.

~*Dear Mom and Dad,
Please don’t cry.
I need you to listen,
to promise to try.
I want you to know,
your not to blame.
Things have just happened,
and I am not the same.
Your baby has made,
many a bad mistake.
I just need to know,
you will not forsake.
I have lost my will,
my reason to live.
Only emptiness inside,
nothing else to give.
I was searching for peace,
one moment content.
I tried everything,
my energy is spent.
I let it take over,
till I lost all control.
I am now just a slave,
no longer master of my soul.

Escape I am seeking,
many routes I have tried.
I always dead-end,
failure eats at my pride.
What I would give,
to awake each day.
See with clear eyes,
the possibilities today.
I still can’t say,
the words even pronounce.
This thing that I am,
I bought ounce by ounce.
Now I am scared,
afraid I will die.
I don’t think I can continue,
to live this lie.

Your little girl,
still wets her bed.
Only now its from tears,
so heavy they shed.
The thing I really want,
what I truly need.
Is unconditional love,
not advice to heed.
Please hold me tight,
your arms round my head.
Take away the pain,
Chase away the dead.
I want to believe,
I can be free.
I need your help,
save me from me.
Dear Mom and Dad,
please don’t cry.
This is a call for help,
not a last goodbye.


<3<3 K-B
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